St. Columba's Episcopal Church, Big Bear

42324 North Shore Drive

Big Bear City, Ca. 92314

909 866-7239


Would you like to speak to Father Stuart Swann? Are you interested in finding out about our many ministries in the community?

Please call the church office between 2-5pm Monday-Friday. Closed Wednesdays

909 866-7239.

Our Watkins fundraiser enables you to order world famous products of the highest quality with 25% of your order total donated directly to St. Columba's!

Watkins and St. Columba's Episcopal Church


There are a number of ways individuals can support St. Columba’s Episcopal Church of Big Bear, CA. The congregation may be small, but its members have big plans, including an expansion of the church to attract even more people to this devoted group of Anglican Catholics on the mountain.  Such ambitious plans require financial support. Sure, that can be done through a pledge to the St. Columba’s Building Fund, or the General Fund to maintain daily operations. But here’s a unique way that parishioners and friends can assist St. Columba’s Church while practicing an all-natural life style.

Established in 1868, the J.R. Watkins Company has been offering a wide variety of quality gourmet foods, body care, home care and apothecary products for generations. There are now more than 300 items in the four product lines.

The company has established a special program for non-profit organizations, whereby supporters can purchase these all-natural, quality products. Twenty-five percent -- a full one quarter -- of the proceeds of sales through this website will go to support St. Columba’s Church.

You can browse through the Watkins online catalog and place your order through this website. All orders through this site will automatically be credited to St. Columba’s Church. All products are shipped from the company’s production plant in Winona, Minnesota, and will be delivered to your front door in about a week. You can obtain further details about this program to support St. Columba’s by calling Alan Lukes at 888-881-7372. He can assist you through the steps to place your order. Alan, a long-time member of the St. Columba’s congregation and a Watkins sales manager, serves as coordinator of this special philanthropic program.


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