St. Columbas Episcopal Church

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from our Parishioners!
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Each testimonial was published in the Grizzly Newspaper.
David Gurzenski-Lukes
David Gurzenski-Lukes is an extremely valued member of our congregation. David is an active member or our worship comittee, acting as an usher, and money counter among many other talents that he brings to our congregation. His testimonial is heartwarming. Please read above.
Jan Stoll
Jan Stoll is a long time parishioner at St. Columba's church.  She is an extremely active member of this parish and of the community. Read her testimonial above.
John Varsik
John Varsik is a Scientist at the Solar Observatory a member of our choir, our  Bishop's Warden, and member of the  Worship Committee. Active every Sunday in our service, his testimonial is very interesting!
Mary and Hud Wilson
Mary is a member of the choir, is on the Worship Committee and is the secretary at the church. Hud has been an active member of the Bishop's Committee, and is currently serving as the church Treasurer.They are local realtors at RE/MAX BIG BEAR. Click to read Mary's testimonial.
Alan Gurzenski-Lukes
Alan and his partner David are beloved members of St. Columba's. Both are extremely active in our parish Worship Committee, & Bible Study. Alan is a leader along with our Deacon of an active support group at the church.
Jayme Nordine
Jaymee Nordine and his wife Tracey are long time Big Bear residents and the owners of two restaurants: The Famous Big Bear Grizzly and Bear Belly Deli. Jayme is a treasured member of our congregation and a generous contributor not only to St. Columba's Church but the community.